6 Best Ways to Improve on Your Tweets’ Performance

Twitter has become well known of its presence as the best platform to execute digital marketing. For instance, a number of people daily and companies will run a hashtag on the product or service to be advertised. This has become a major trend on twitter today.

As much as you can tweet, there are some ways in which you can use in order to come up with the best tweets that can catch the attention of most readers or your followers. For instance these are some of the simple ways to work it out to get best tweets on your timeline.

1. Use relevant hashtags
Choose hashtags that are relevant to your tweet. If it is a love tweet you can use the hashtag:#Love or#Relationships. That way, it makes sense and can reach many people since it the are one of the popular hashtags.

2. Visual content usage
The photos and video clips you use must be eye catching and relevant at the same time. Don’t just fit a photo because you have it. Additionally, don’t make your tweet of 140 characters look squeezed. Give the words a breathing space.

3. Discover when is the best time to tweet
Don’t just tweet any time expecting a good performance even when you clearly know your audience is either asleep or are on another issue such as discussing the floods that caused destruction that is breaking news in the country and you serious tweeting about #HappyHome. Know what time of the day is good for tweeting what.

4. Your choice of keywords
Choose words that can be easily found in the trends. There is a possibility of many people seeing your tweet if it has a specific keyword that has a tendency of either trending or be seen. For example, president, Uhuru Kenyatta, Corruption among others.

5. Know who to mention
By knowing who to mention will boost your tweet impressions. For instance if you mention or tag a verified individual, there is a possibility that your impressions will rise if he or she quotes, retweets or likes the tweet. Mention someone you know will probably give you a good audience once he or she retweets.

6. Tweet severally
Don’t expect a good turn out if you do it once and relax. You need to repeat it again and again. You can tweet the same tweet many times differently. That will improve its performance.

This article is written by , founder of #AfricanTweetChat and Marketing Content Manager for Convex Africa Limited. It first appeared on her blog, The Rational Writer.

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